“Shape of design” is a talk by Frank Chimero in Build Conference around 4 years ago.

Frank Chimero – The Shape of Design from Build on Vimeo.

I find this talk interesting because Frank Chimero really digs it deeper to find out the essence of being a designer. He tries to find out what we, as designers and as persons are really doing. He researched to figure out the meaning of design beyond visual. He disagrees that design is a visual communication and in the quest of finding the definition above that, he finds out an insightful thoughts by Aristotle, which says:

“Technical know-how, skill, craft, art – involved in production, manufacturing, & making. Using good deliberation, understanding, resulting in deliberate desire to be carried out with cleverness.”

I too think, there has to be a balance between science and art in design.

40 worthy minutes there!

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