One extra step

Take one extra step to brainstorm on pen & paper before opening the photoshop.
Add one more feature on your client’s requirement.
Watch one inspirational video before starting your day.
Read one blog post during your lunch time.
Read one chapter of a book before going to bed.
Experiment one new tool of photoshop/illustrator/sketch.
Follow one more designer on twitter.
Post at least one tweet a day.
Meet one friend/colleague/client in person for a coffee.
Keep a glass full of water on desk all the time. Drink at least a glass a day.
Do one thing that scares you.
Take one extra step, ahead.
Become 1% better, everyday.

An easy way to overcome “Imposter Syndrome” for creatives

Creatives are often suffered from “Imposter Syndrome”. It is the lack of confidence on yourself. You know who you are, what you can do, but you can’t just say it out with a confidence, as an expert. A kind of fear always keeps pulling you back. And you feel like you are stuck.  You can’t just step up to grab opportunities, you can’t raise your hands or speak up at times which could have led you to success.

I think one way of getting that confidence is building an audience. If you have difficulties believing your own words, you might believe in others’. Continue reading

I’ll just write about writing today

Here I go. It’s happening again. I am on daily writing challenge, so I have to write. I sit infront of the computer, and there it is; a blank page and a blank mind, stuck. What to write? 10 minutes gone, 20, 30, damn, 1 hour and what’ve I written so far? none, I switched couple of music playlist, played and stopped instrumentals on, read some James Altucher’s blog posts on writing tips, but still I don’t have any idea what shall i write.

So I have decided to just start and write about writing. And here you go, 102 words already. Relief! 400 to go. Now i’m having a quick cheat-look on Facebook wall, just to find i can find anything to write… Ok, back to writing…

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Things i learned in 2014

2014 has been a wonderful year. The year I will always remember as the year of biggest failures and biggest lessons. Here are some of the important lessons i learned:

Failing is ok.

In fact, it’s good. Someone has said “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”. In 2014, I experienced a big financial crisis. Until then my company was running smoothly, as I considered myself not a business-minded person, I used to be happy with the survivable amount of work and earnings. But this year business slowed down and I faced lots of troubles. This big crisis or failure has taught me some very good lessons. Getting organised and financial planning are the two most important things I learned from failure this year. Continue reading