Entrepreneurship in Nepal: Challenges and Opportunities

With the globally growing trend of entrepreneurship all around the world, Nepal hasn’t stayed untouched with its concept. But the internal environment of the country doesn’t seem to be motivating enough to let the entrepreneurship spirit flourish at its potential. So we try to explore what are the opportunities and what are the barriers of entrepreneurship in Nepal. Continue reading →

Stop hating clients.

We proclaim ourselves “Experts”.

Labelled with the fancy titles fashionably borrowed from our idols from the west; UI designer, UX specialist, HCI designer, Web evangelist etc.

We read and learn design theories, web design life cycle, payment policies, web design contract etc from the internet.

We learn about scientific web design processes, including wireframing, prototyping, specification documentations, etc from internet and try to implement same.

But our clients are “idiots”, aren’t they?
whenever they don’t like something we designed, they are idiots. They are idiots whenever they disrupt our scientific process by their unnoticed visit to our office, frequent change requests or not understanding our design theories.

I know there is other side of the story. I know we have our difficulties because of clients being idiots.
But we talked about that a lot, we never talked about how idiots we are too. Continue reading →

10 things I wish every designer does

I see designers doing their job; designing UI. A normal process a designer follows is; receive the design specifications, design a UI, get feedback, revisse, get approved; done. Design specifications and client communication are mostly done by the project managers. So a designer’s main goal becomes getting his design approved rather than focusing on creating something from heart.

Here are few things I wish every designer does: Continue reading →