Hello! I’m Suman Shrestha, a designer born in Kathmandu, Nepal and currently living in Rochester, New York.

I started my career as a web designer in 2005. Despite of having management as academic background, I was always passionate towards arts, which led me to the design profession.

After working many years as designer, I established a design studio in 2013, which became one of the popular agencies in Nepal. I sold it in 2017 before I moved to USA.

While in Nepal, I had the privilege of working with many private and government organizations. I have also worked with numbers of clients from the USA, UK & Singapore.

I also started Neptees, an online t-shirt store with authentic Nepalese designs. In past, I had contributed as lead UI/UX designer in some of the popular projects in Nepal, such as:
Battigayo – Mobile app for checking load shedding schedule in Nepal
Medibookapp – Mobile app for medical directory in Nepal
Sampression – WordPress themes

I have compiled some of my best design works in Behance.

I occasionally write blog posts too.
My newest hobby at the moment is Nepalese calligraphy. You can see some of my works here.

Contact me at:

Design : Behance / Dribbble
Calligraphy : Instagram